Garden Aprons, A Family Affair

I think my mom can do about anything she sets her mind too. On her 79th birthday, she ran 7.9 miles. She's now training for her 8.0 in December.

She always has energy to try new things. It seems when we play games, she always wins. 

Ilene is the 'lene after all in Coralene's. She inspires so many! 

When I saw some garden aprons on the internet, I thought, "Mom can sew some of these!" And, she can. So far, she's made about 17 for our store. Yes, she cuts out the material, gets out her sewing machine, puts the right thread in the bobbin, and works for about 3 to 4 hours until she has made a beautiful, reversible (pockets in and out) garden apron. She's amazing!

What makes these aprons so wonderful is that they have cross backed straps so there's no tight straps needing to be tied. They also have large pockets to hold shears or seeds. You can turn it inside out to have a printed fabric or a plain fabric (usually). I love to wear mine early in the morning as a cover up when I step outside to garden. Or, when I have on my regular day clothes and I don't want to get them dirty as I dig in the dirt. 

Once Mom finished up many aprons, my sister, niece, Mom, friends and I had fun modeling them. Yes, we may not be professional models; however, every person has their own pizazz that they brought.

We hope you enjoy an apron to give or to receive. When you do, think of Ilene sewing it just for you! 



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